Split the cost of anything

We let you pay as a group online and in-store so you never have to deal with an IOU, ATM or bank transfer again.

Divipay iPhone wireframe
Divipay iPhone wireframe

Create joint spending accounts in seconds

Whether you want to make a one time split payment for dinner or create a year long group with your housemates you can now share the cost of anything at the point of purchase.

When you make a payment using DiviPay, we draw funds from everyone in the group in real time so you will no longer be responsible for covering the cost of the group or need to hassle your friends to pay you back.

Pay for anything as a group

Eat, drink, consume, experience together and then pay together.


  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Netflix accounts
  • Utilities and rent


  • Dinner and drinks
  • Gifts
  • Movie tickets
  • Groceries

Start paying as a group today.