Simplify your business expenses

Request, approve, pay and review with DiviPay’s simple expense management platform.

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Businesses save an average of 30 hours a month on expense reporting with DiviPay

For Business Leaders
For Team Members
Make your team more productive

Eliminate expense admin for your team with automated expense reports. Removing unnecessary process lets your team focus on doing what they do best.

Reduce wasteful spending

Set spending limits, allocate budgets, and manage spend in real time. Detailed audit trails allow you to easily account for your team’s expenses.

Manage working capital in real time

Make smarter decisions about cash flow in seconds with instant alerts and easy to read reports that integrate directly into your accounting software.

Stop using your personal card for business expenses

Create virtual cards whenever you need them. No need to chase down the company card or use your personal card for business expenses.

Make payments on the go

Use our mobile app to pay in-store via Android Pay. Snap a photo of your receipts or upload an invoice once you’ve paid.

Automate your expense reporting

Save hours of admin for you and your manager. The data captured from each payment is automatically organised into an expense report and sent to your manager.

How DiviPay Business Works

Step 1


Team members make an expense request.

Step 2


Approve a request and instantly issue a virtual card with a set limit.

Step 3


Use your phone to pay online or instore through Android Pay integration.

Step 4


Once a payment is made the expense is automatically categorized and reconciled directly into your accounting system.

Pay in-store with Google Pay

DiviPay has been designed from the ground up to keep you safe

256 bit data encryption

We use 256 bit encryption to protect the information that you entrust us with and store it within highly secure AWS data centres located in Australia.

Continuous fraud prevention

We use the latest fraud detection and AI technology to analyse user behaviour and immediately block any suspicious activity.

PCI-DSS certified providers

Your payment details are tokenised and securely stored with our PCI-DSS certified banking partner.

Replace at-risk cards instantly

If you're worried a virtual card has been compromised you can delete it and instantly replace it with a new one.

Start focusing your time and money on the things that matter