Split the cost of anything

Instantly create shared accounts with your friends and pay as a group online and in-store.

Instant shared accounts

We let you pay as a group so you never have to deal with an IOU, ATM or bank transfer again.

Pay together

Dinner with friends? Group gift? Household expenses with roommates? Flights and accommodation? Create a group for any occasion and make payments online and instore with the group’s unique virtual card.

Add friends, split bills

When you make a payment using DiviPay, we draw funds from everyone in the group so you will no longer be responsible for covering the cost of the group or need to hassle your friends to pay you back.

Earn points and be rewarded

For every dollar spent on DiviPay you and your group will earn points which can be redeemed for discounts and cashback.

Earn even more points by creating an individual card for all of your everyday spending.